Changing States – full day workshop

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2  / Curriculum links: English, Science, Art & Design and Maths

Learn about the science of glass with exciting experiments using a range of materials. Practice measuring and making predications.

Discuss findings and write up the outcomes of the experiments.

Draw the experiments and label the equipment.

Create a fused glass tile using coloured glass tiles and frit. Learn about the glass fusing process of heating and cooling and how a kiln works.


  • Scientific properties of glass and other common materials
  • Scientific vocabulary
  • Changing states – solid and liquid
  • Observing closely using basic equipment
  • Performing simple tests
  • Identifying and classifying
  • Use scientific language
  • Draw and label a diagram
  • Identify differences, similarities and changes and relate them to scientific processes
  • Use observations and ideas to make predictions
  • Gather and record data
  • Identify everyday materials and their properties
  • How to make fused glass artwork
  • How hot glass is shaped

Get inspired by:

  • Hot glass demonstrations
  • Gallery tours
  • Practical experiments


  • Beakers, measuring jugs, scales, glass, glass grains, glass tiles

Cost: £9 per pupil / Year 1 – 6 / KS2 (adapted for suitability)
Also available as a half day workshop without a glass making activity, £4

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