Kathryn Robertson

Sunderland-based artist Kathryn Robertson is known for her cityscape murals, as well as unique depictions of scenes in the North East. Kathryn graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Sunderland in 2019 and has since been operating as a full-time freelance artist.

Immediately after graduating, Kathryn secured her first large scale mural commission for the University boardroom in the Edinburgh Building. This kick-started an interest in hand painted murals and Kathryn’s distinctive style of illustrative work can be found in venues and buildings within the city.

Kathryn’s work is inspired by the cityscapes of Sunderland and beyond. Her style ranges from that of bold illustrative and playful line work, to highly detailed, emotion evoking, and nostalgic illustration. Inspired by the ever-shifting landscape of Sunderland, Kathryn’s work captures some of the often overlooked areas of the city.

Recently, Kathryn’s work has involved creating a mural in the taproom of the Sunderland brewery, Vaux, and to illustrate scenes inspired by song, commissioned by Sunderland born musician Dave Stewart. Kathryn’s work ranges from hand drawn illustration, advertising, digital illustration, and hand painted murals, often working in an improvised way.

Kathryn is currently working on opening an online shop where artworks can be purchased directly and is open to discussing ideas for commissioned work.

You can find more of Kathryn’s work at:

@kr.illustrates (Instagram)



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