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In March 2018, after 18 months creating a brand new space for art and artists in Sunderland, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art reopened with a major new commission with artist Fiona Crisp.

The generous 3000 square foot space inside National Glass Centre has an initial focus on artists whose work is being created across Europe, whether made in the Alps or the heart of fascist Rome, or from the most advanced laboratories in Italy to the eastern most city in the continent deep inside the former Soviet Union. The gallery’s opening programme also celebrates the achievements of artists living and working in North-East England, who share new visions of how we live now. In each of its exhibitions in 2018, an artist revealed a brand new body of work for the first time.

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021 having been one of the very first contemporary art galleries in Britain. It has provided major international figures with their first UK exhibitions, including Harun Farocki (Germany) and Cory Arcangel (USA), and exhibited fourteen Turner Prize nominees.

Full archive of exhibitions, events and projects 2003–2018, click here.

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    Alistair Robinson – Director
    Dean Turnbull – Technical Officer

    Sunderland Culture

    Keith Merrin – Chief Executive of Sunderland Culture

    Learning & Engagement

    Rebecca Ball – Creative Director, Sunderland Culture
    Rachel Groves – Learning & Engagement Officer, National Glass Centre

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    Marketing, PR & Communications

    Laura Reed – Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator

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