School Workshops & Resources

We are delighted to offer a range of school workshops, virtual tours, learning and activity resources that are suitable for all age-groups. The resources cover a range of curriculum topics for use in classrooms, at homes, young people spaces and beyond.

Some of our resources are available online and can be downloaded while several other resources such as ‘Museum in a Box’ can be requested and are available for loans.

For more information on the Museum’s learning programme, workshops and sessions, please fill the Learning Enquiry Form or contact the Public Engagement & Learning Team on 0191 561 8608. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 3 working days.

  • Pyrex100 - Downloadable Education Pack

    Celebrating innovation and creativity in Sunderland (and the world!)

    Suitable for KS2.

    The pack contains a potted history of Pyrex, invented in the USA and produced for over 80 years in Sunderland, and explores a number of themes and subjects, offering ideas and resources for cross curricular projects and activities.


  • Digital Workshops and Resources

    We offer a range of resources for schools digitally, including online workshops and virtual tours.

    For more information or to take part in our digital offer please contact Marie Harrison, Public Engagement & Learning Officer [email protected]

    Click here to access our digital offer.

    We can offer a range of workshops digitally.  These include:

    • Anglo Saxon Bede Bags
    • Coal, Glass and Ships
    • Toys: Past and Present
    • River Wear Story
    • Beside the Seaside
    • Victoria Hall Disaster
    • Rainforest Explorers
    • Bones and Skeletons
    • Animal Quest
  • Art

    Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens has extraordinary collections of decorative and fine art for you to explore. See works by artist L.S. Lowry in the Art Gallery, inspired by his regular visits to Sunderland in the 1960s, alongside paintings, sculptures and prints from the 18th Century to the present day. Look for world famous pink lustreware in the Sunderland Pottery Gallery and examples of cut, pressed and art glass in the Glorious Glass Gallery including the Londonderry Glass Service, made in the 1920s for the Marquis and Marchioness of Londonderry, who were rich landowners from County Durham.

    Work by a variety of artists can be seen in the Special Exhibitions Gallery which hosts national touring and partner exhibitions. Recent exhibitions have included Paint the Town in Sound and Received Wisdom from the Arts Council Collection and Leonardo: A Life in Drawing from the Royal Collection Trust. Book an art workshop to try different art techniques inspired by the collections.

    Click here for all our available Art Workshops

  • History

    The long and fascinating history of Sunderland is explored in the different galleries and collections at the museum.  Tales of national heroes, record-breaking ships, amazing inventors and everyday lives can all be explored here.  Travel back through time from the industrial boom years to the Anglo Saxon and pre-history periods of Sunderland’s history. If you are doing a local study topic we can often adapt the workshops to your local area so please ask.

    Click here for all our available History Workshops

  • Museum in a Box

    Museum in a Box is Sunderland Museum’s loans box service, providing a wide variety of real and replica objects to support learning in the classroom.  Look an eider duck in the eye, hold a fossil in your hand and delve into the treasures from Sunderland’s past.

    Click here for all our available Museum in a Box services

  • Natural World

    The Winter Gardens contains over 1000 plants of 200 different plant species representing different climatic zones across the world including the Mediterranean and Southern Hemisphere. Discover how plants are adapted to grow and thrive in different habitats. Some of the Museum’s first ever collections were of natural science specimens, including animals, birds, rocks and fossils. Examples can be seen in the Lost Worlds and Worlds Alive galleries today. The breadth of collections also invites exploration of ways we can live more sustainably on the planet. Themes include energy use, transport, biodiversity, recycling and climate change.

    Click here for all our available Natural World Workshops

  • Rainforest Explorers

    Why not explore the topic of tropical rainforests in the surroundings of our wonderful Winter Gardens? Our hands-on Rainforest Explorers workshops provide rich and sensory learning experiences for your pupils. Discover rainforest plants used for food, fibre and medicine including bananas, bamboo and ginger and learn why deforestation threatens these precious habitats.

    Click here for all our available Rainforest Explorers Workshops

  • Resources
  • Special one-off workshops

    To link with Special Exhibitions and events such as British Science Week, Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens often have special workshops which are only available for a limited time.  Check this section or join our mailing list to keep up to date with new exhibitions and workshops.

    Please e-mail [email protected] to find out more.


  • Bespoke Workshops

    Our wide range of collections including textiles, natural sciences, local history, art and design means that we can adapt existing sessions or develop new sessions to meet your needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for on the list above please get in touch and we may be able to help you.

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