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Research has a rich history in National Glass Centre. The Institute for International Research in Glass, launched in 1998, established National Glass Centre as an internationally recognised centre of excellence in glass research, teaching, production, exhibition and facilities. This continues under its new name, National Glass Centre Research. Research undertaken here permeates National Glass Centre; the Research Gallery exhibits recent work produced by or with research staff, and much of the exhibition, events and learning programmes draw on their cutting edge knowledge and practice.

Drawing on links to ecclesiastical, industrial and artistic glass in the North East, the Centre’s research explores methods of practice that expand traditional approaches to glass, focusing especially on creative research and the application of conceptual thinking and facture. The research undertaken is frequently cross disciplinary and absorbs influences from artists as well as glass makers in helping to establish new ways of defining the practice. Research undertaken in the Centre is expansive in scope, encompassing four key research modes: approaches to commissioning; collaboration with researchers in the sciences; producing epic artworks; and innovation.

While National Glass Centre website is developed, information about research, residencies and research-related events can be found in the National Glass Centre Research Archive.

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